simple thoughts

i like him. a lot.
there have been few people in my life with whom i could completely lose track of time. i'm a clock-watcher. but with him, four hours pass before i check the time once...

being liked, valued, and better yet, pursued. it's a great feeling. especially since it's from a boy who i like. and he gets cuter everyday! :)


greatest thing

"the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return" -moulin rouge

"and all the law and the prophets are summed up in these two things.. love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; and love your neighbor as yourself." (paraphrase)

isn't love grand?
i was thinking this weekend about how blessed i've been.
i have two parents who love each other, and who would do anything for their kids.
i have a sister who i consider my best friend.
i have a handful of people in life who know me better than i know myself, and they love me more than anyone else..

intimacy. to be fully known and fully loved.. not love in spite of what is known, but loved more because of what is known.

it's a wonderful feeling. and it doesn't come along everyday.



so i had an interesting experience last night.
as a matter of fact, what happened last night is something that has never happened in the short history of my life.

you see, i've been getting to know this boy.
a few months ago, i thought, 'i'd like to get to know him better'
come to find out last night, he was thinking that for a couple months longer than i was!
we've been hanging out lately, gone on a couple of dates, talk a lot at church, he calls me sometimes.
he called on tuesday, wanting to talk about what he was thinking, and wanting to know what i was thinking.
a "dtr" (defining the relationship), if you will.
so last night, he met me at memorial park, and we went for a walk. a rather long walk.
he started out by saying that he really likes me, likes hanging out with me, talking to me, getting to know me.
and what he wanted to do now, if it were completely up to him, was to start dating me.. pursuing something a little more serious than friendship. but he's been praying about it a lot (good man!), and hasn't felt the go ahead to do so, because he doesn't feel he knows me very well. and he doesn't want to date someone he doesn't know.
ahh.. the relief that swept over me. my thoughts exactly.

he said that even though he likes me.. a lot.. his intention right now is to build a friendship with me, keep hanging out, get to know each other, and see what potential is there.

i would like to add that one of my biggest.. well, i guess hesitations about dating him is one little thing on my list. it may seem trivial, but you have to understand how important it is to me! it's chivalry. all the guys in my life up 'til now, even those who were never interested romantically in me, have treated me like a princess. mike and josh especially. they were perfect gentlemen.. and taught me to expect that kind of treatment from guys. well, this boy wasn't being so chivalrous up to this point.. and it had me concerned. but last night.. let's just say.. well, for one thing, he made sure he was always walking between me and the street. i said something about it, and he joked saying that way, he'd get hit by a car first. he was really protective around groups of poeple or dogs in the park.. he put himself between me and any possible danger. he walked me to my car, said goodnight, and walked to his car after he saw i was safely in and on my way.
made me feel like a princess all over again. :)

at 10:30 that night, i came home to find all three of my roommates, waiting in anticiaption for all the details. we drove down to sonic, got ice cream and limeades, and enjoyed being girls. we talked and laughed...
later on, kate and i were sitting in the living room.. her reading, me jounaling. as she was getting up to go to bed, she looked at me and snickered.. i asked why.. she said i was glowing.


day of mourning

so i finally set up a blog for myself!
i don't know how interesting it will be for anyone else to read, or if anyone will ever even read it. but at least i'll be able to enjoy it.

today was a national day of mourning, called because of the death of former President Ronald Reagan. it's a sad day in the history of our country.

that's all for now.. just saying my first hello to the world of blogging. i'm excited.