Song of Albion

i'm a reader. i always have been.
i would rather be sitting on the couch or in a coffee shop reading than watching TV, movies, or being online.
it gets the mind working, and it keeps the imagination alive.

i found a must-read.
it's topped my list of all the books i've ever read.

it's a trilogy titled "The Song of Albion", written by Stephen R. Lawhead.
the books, in order, are The Paradise War, The Silver Hand, The Endless Knot.

they will capture you, inspire you, and awaken something deep within you that you had forgotten was there.
at least, that's what it did for me. and Matt. and anyone i've talked to who has read these books.
do you ever feel like there's something missing?
something that you're almost aware of, but can never quite reach?
that no matter how many desires are fulfilled, there's still an emptiness, a longing for more?

maybe it has something to do with what Paul was talking about when he talked about seeing now as through a glass... or everything now being a shadow compared to what comes after here.

there's a longing, deep down inside of me and right at the surface, for something more.
for something better, bigger, more beautiful than anything found on earth.
every now and then, glimpses are given me. but never beyond just a glimpse.

i believe it's a longing that He has instilled in me. that He will use to His purposes in my short time on earth.
to feel deeply. to cry over what He cries for. to rejoice in the gifts has has given. husband. family. friends. mountains. waterfalls.

but until i see Him face to face, something will always be missing.


new job

Matt started a really great job yesterday. he came home last night so happy.. i hadn't seem him smile like that in a long time! it's good to see it again.
it's a good company with good benefits and a very high ceiling (meaning he has lots of room to grow!). i'm excited to see how it all ends up.


coffee addict

ahhhh.... beautifully said.
(click on the comic and it'll give you a bigger image)

10 things you may not know about my hubby...

(things in blue italics are things added by blog author... )

1. I walked out of school on the first day of kindergarten, because I didn't like it. My teacher didn't know, but luckily (or unluckily) my mom had not left yet, so she took me back.
(story as told by mom: Matt said he wanted to leave b/c "everyone there talks like babies!". evidently, my man was smart from the beginning!)

2. I lost an eggnog chugging contest, although it was very close.

3. I had the choice to run from the cops, but I stood my ground and therefore got out of trouble (no, you don't get the rest of the story.)

4. I've eaten frog cooked in beer, chicken feet and intestine (all in China).

5. I got in a car wreck and was in the hospital for 3 days.

6. I've ridden the length of Costa Rica in a van. (My first major bout of car sickness, and I easily get carsick ever since).
(i can vouch for that)

7. I climbed under a fence to "sneak" into nicaragua.(not long before number 6).

8. I JUST learned how to swim, at 27 years old.
(it's true - just ask his teacher! (me))

9. I went inside the world trade center 2 months before it was destroyed.

10. I have a metal knee-cap from a motorcycle injury I got in Vegas(okay, that one's not true, but you thought it sounded cool too!)