it's the little things

yesterday was a great day - a wonderful morning service (as always), meeting Ranae's family, Zio's & Coldstone with Stacie & Betsy & Noah. although the pizza and ice cream served for some bad stomach pain - you would think i would know better by now!
(or maybe i do know better, and it's just not enough to deter me)

it was 5:15pm. i had just showered, and i had yet to do my hair and makeup in time to be at a birthday party by 6. not to mention that we still had to stop and get food for the party - and my stomach was still such a mess!

Matt offered to run to the store while i got ready. good man! :)
he left with a request to get some cheese dip and some sparkling water for me (for my poor tummy)

about ten minutes after he left, i thought how nice it would be to have a honey wheat Einstein bagel (sold only at Target!). i was about ready to call or text Matt to have him pick one up for me, but something stopped me. i felt like i wasn't supposed to. so i prayed a simple prayer: "Lord, if a bagel would help my stomach feel better, would You put it in Matt's mind to buy me one?"
i forgot all about it for about 20 more minutes.
Matt walked in the door, came into the bathroom where i was getting ready, and plopped a honey wheat Einstein bagel on the counter!
i was astonished - but it didn't stop there.
i asked him what possessed him to buy me a bagel - i hadn't even hinted i wanted one.

he said, right as he was walking through the doors of Target, a thought popped into his head.
"i'm going to buy her a bagel!".
the moment that i was saying the prayer, the thought came into his head.

it's the little things that mean so much.
isn't it funny? that He would even care that i wanted a certain bagel.
and He made sure it happened.


this one's for you, Ranae

i've found a couple of teas that have topped my list of bevarages.

good news is, it's one of the cheapest things you can get at Sbux!
and, if you get a grande, they use two tea bags.
i always ask for one in the cup and one on the side.

two cups of tea for under $2. it's nice when you can work the system.
the first one (pictured above) is Tazo Green Ginger. a little slice of heaven. very different in taste, but oh so good!
the second on is Taza blossomberry white tea. goodness in a cup, if you ask me!


pre-Thanksgiving FEAST!!

Jim & Nancy held quite the shindig at their house yesterday.
2 huge turkeys, mashed potatoes, stuffing, strawberry-spinach salad, cornbread, pumpkin pie, cranberry crumble pie... the list goes on!
they got saved 3 years ago on thanksgiving. they wanted to celebrate by having us all over to thier house for a feast!

we got there at 1pm, cornbread and veggies in hand. it wasn't long before the house was swarming with both kids and adults - i think around 40 in total!
it was a good time to talk to people you may not normally have conversation with. to relax with family. to have a bit of community.

the highlight of the afternoon for many: when the pastor got hit where it hurts by his 5-year-old boy, in front everyone, right after giving the prayer for the meal! it was hilarious - except for the bulging-eyed, red-faced result. very soon afterword, you could hear him singing while dancing around.. "i hit daddy in the weiner!!..".
oh, the joys of having a toddler. :)

the day ended nearly 6 hours later with very full bellies and happy hearts.
good times. :)


it's been a rough sort of week.
first off, i got a flu shot on monday on my lunch. not a big deal, right?
true, unless they shoot you right in the nerve on your shoulder. then, it IS a big deal.
actually, it still hurts. it's kept me from sleeping, and my grades have dropped a bit. it's pretty crazy.

then.. i've been struggling pretty hard with depression again lately. i'm not sure why; it just rears its ugly head every now and then, and i have to do my best to compensate for it. i've gotten pretty good at that in my life; i think depression is a "thorn in my side", as Paul talks about in one of the epistles. thankfully, there's always grace enough when i need it!

then.. the weekend was kind of rough. i won't go into details, but i will say that i am drained and tired and a little heartsick this morning. it's nothing that can't be fixed; it just takes time.

the good part of the weekend was a 6-hour period yesterday.. i'll talk about that in a separate blog. :)