i've found a couple of teas that have topped my list of bevarages.

good news is, it's one of the cheapest things you can get at Sbux!
and, if you get a grande, they use two tea bags.
i always ask for one in the cup and one on the side.

two cups of tea for under $2. it's nice when you can work the system.
the first one (pictured above) is Tazo Green Ginger. a little slice of heaven. very different in taste, but oh so good!
the second on is Taza blossomberry white tea. goodness in a cup, if you ask me!


matt_k said...

I don't know, still a little too gingery for me! :)

SpartnPrincess said...

Per my sister, who bought a whole box of it while she was here; try the African Red Bush by Tazo. She raved about it.