some may say

first of all, my apologies for the significant gap between my last post and this one. life has gotten a little bit crazy.
you see, i have this problem. it's not a major problem really, just one that causes me more than the needed level of stress in my life. what's my problem? overcommitment.
some may say that i'm leading three different lives.. school, work, and everything else; each one on its own being enough to keep any normal human being busy. but alas, i have all three. i'm taking four classes, do around 15-20 hours of homework a week, and i work 27 hours. plus, as anyone who reads this blog knows, i have a mostly new, growing relationship with a very special boy. and who knew how much time that would take??? i sure didn't. but it's worth every second. oh, and then there's church. i'm on leadership, where i run this thing called the "connection center". without going into details, let's just say that it takes around ten hours out of my week.
a lot of times, i have to remind myself to breathe.
there is a happy ending to all of this. at least, i'm pretty convinced that there is. i know for a fact that i'm supposed to be in omaha, going to school, living on my own, and dating Matt. i also know being involved at church (though maybe not to the extent) is something that i need to have in my life. and i also know that all of these things have been put into place in my life because of my obedience to what God has spoken to me. and lately, what He's been speaking to me is peace, and also that He has not set me up to fail. so hold on tight.. this could be the ride of your life!! and the best part? i'm not in control!! He is in complete control of my life and all the details, because i've given Him that place. it takes a lot of pressure off.

since i know you're wondering, here's an update on the man in my life.
we're doing marvelously. sometimes it seems like there's no way i could like him more than i do right now, but then, always to my surprise, i'll see him, and i'll realize that yes, as a matter of fact, i DO like him more than i did yesterday. he's an amazing man of God, and so much more than i ever expected. sometimes i have that thought, "do i really deserve him?"
i was panicking about my "to-do" list yesterday, pretty near a breakdown. life just feels too crazy sometimes.. and when i take it on myself, the breakdown begins. he came over, took my hand, and we prayed together. i couldn't believe how much that helped! it brought so much peace.. and just knowing how much he cared, and that he was right there with me...

i think i've found a keeper.
my sister meets him tomorrow.. hopefully she'll like him (almost) as much as i do. i don't see how she couldn't!

ps-Stephie, it's your turn! :)