good news

Diagnosis: good.
it's treatable. it's reversible. i'll be breathing normally in a couple months (at most)
what is it?
i first have to ask.. are you ready for a laugh?

i've always had issues with my stomach.
you may have heard it called GERD.
where acid backs up from your stomach into your esophogas.
i've never been diagnosed, but i've always known that i have it (i have the classic symptoms, and my mom's been diagnosed... i didn't need a doctor to tell me)
i always thought, i can deal with the stomach aches.. with waking up with sore throats (they usually went away within an hour of getting up anyway).. with pain in swallowing.
but what i didn't know is what hurt me....

evidently, in some cases, it can cause more damage beyond the norm. for instance, burning the bottoms of my vocal cords (don't worry, they'll heal... my lower, slightly raspy voice will go back to its beautiful self eventually).

the worst? it can flatten your airway leading to your lungs!!! DUDE!!!
so i've been breathing through a tube that has been shrunk and flattened by acid coming up from my stomach.
(sorry if i'm spoiling anyone's appetite)

so i went to a lung specialist to get diagnosed with a stomach disorder. ironic. and expensive.
but the relief is worth whatever it ends up costing us.... and we're thinking that all put together, it'll end up being less than one ER visit... which we contemplated doing at several different times.

the good news? i will breathe normally again. after doing a series of pulmonary function tests, the doctor told me that not only are my lungs normal.. they're better than normal. he said, and i quote, "you do not have asthma, that's for sure!"

thank you, Jesus!!!


10 things you maybe don't know

My friend Ranae tagged me to do this.. so here goes!
here's my attempt to think of 10 things most people don't know about me...
(i'm not guaranteeing any level of excitement in these facts)

1) i've never broken a bone in my life (at least none that i've known about)

2) when i was 3, i went roller skating. i fell and cracked my chin open... i was bleeding all over my white pants and light yellow shirt. i was rushed to the hospital and given 6 stitches in my chin. to this day, if you get me anywhere near a roller skating rink, i freeze in complete fear. (i will overcome someday - it's a life goal!)

3) i've been to 11 countries outside the U.S.

4) i had a new "best friend" every year growing up. and at the end of every year, that friend would either move to a different city or change schools. sad day. no wonder i have issues. :)

5) i used to weigh close to 200 pounds, had a terrible haircut, braces, huge ugly glasses, and goodwill clothes and hand-me-downs that never fit right. (again, no wonder i have issues... )

6) i always said i wanted to be married by the time i was 23 years old. that didn't quite happen, but i did meet my future husband while i was still 23!

7) i HATED coffee until i was 19 years old. i worked for a year in the Barnes & Noble cafe at Crossroads, where you could try stuff for free. one day, my manager made me a grande iced mocha. that was the beginning of the end for me...

8) most think i have one sister.... but in reality, i have 2 sisters and 1 brother. two died in infancy. my sister's name was Mary; she would have turned 24 on May 12. my brother's name was Jimmy; he would be turning 31 on November 14.

9) i played the piano for 10 years, the oboe for 5 years, and the guitar for three years. i've always been (and still am) a singer. i had a dream as a little girl to someday learn how to play the harp.

10) i never dated anybody until i met Matt. he was my first true date, my first kiss, my first everything. no regrets, baby! =)

okay, now it's your turn. i tag:

Stephanie Axne
Jackie Desch
Matt Koenig (you can write it up and i'll post it on here :) )


to be a dreamer..

i'm a dreamer.
ever since i was a very little girl, i've had big dreams.
and i married a dreamer.
we're still dreaming, and sometimes it's hard.....
dreaming doesn't always pay the bills.
trusting the Lord to pay the bills while we're dreaming the dreams He's put in our hearts.. now that's another story.

Matt hasn't worked for at least 6 weeks now.
i work part-time.
we were barely making it when he was working full-time, and i was working part-time.
and yet, we haven't touched our savings.
He's extended the statement of "we have enough savings to last us 2, maybe 3, months". it's been almost 2 months arleady, and that figure hasn't changed.

it convinces me (and us) that we're doing the right thing. that we really did hear Him. that our "going out on a limb" has proven instead to be "following His lead".

He has big things for us.
defining "big" is up to Him.
right now, and always, we're just obeying. and waiting. and trusting.
we're becoming better people in the meantime.
and we're learning to be more like Him. to trust Him. to love Him. to rest in Him.

i want chocolate milk!!

okay, so what i really want is vanilla milk. make it Horizon brand, please!

word on the street is that they're giving away some free products: count me in!

title: credit my 3-year-old nephew, Noah... i think it's the most common thing i ever hear him say: i want chocolate milk!!!!
and all he ever drinks is Horizon (no joke - it's a true story!).


be encouraged.
be strong and courageous.
just step into the Jordan, and He will part the waters.
all you have to do is have faith to take that first step.
and remember: you're not fighting this fight alone.

read here...

encouraging words from a girl living halfway across the world.
He is for me.
i don't need to convince Him of anything.
He's already fighting for me.

"My goal is God Himself, not joy nor peace, Nor even blessing, but Himself, my God." (Oswald Chambers)


i love new relationships.
especially healthy ones.
i think my friend may have found the one her heart has been longing for....
only time will tell.
either way, i'm excited to be a part of it.
what brings you joy brings me joy. and it seems that it is bringing You joy as well.
*happy sigh*