to be a dreamer..

i'm a dreamer.
ever since i was a very little girl, i've had big dreams.
and i married a dreamer.
we're still dreaming, and sometimes it's hard.....
dreaming doesn't always pay the bills.
trusting the Lord to pay the bills while we're dreaming the dreams He's put in our hearts.. now that's another story.

Matt hasn't worked for at least 6 weeks now.
i work part-time.
we were barely making it when he was working full-time, and i was working part-time.
and yet, we haven't touched our savings.
He's extended the statement of "we have enough savings to last us 2, maybe 3, months". it's been almost 2 months arleady, and that figure hasn't changed.

it convinces me (and us) that we're doing the right thing. that we really did hear Him. that our "going out on a limb" has proven instead to be "following His lead".

He has big things for us.
defining "big" is up to Him.
right now, and always, we're just obeying. and waiting. and trusting.
we're becoming better people in the meantime.
and we're learning to be more like Him. to trust Him. to love Him. to rest in Him.

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