pre-Thanksgiving FEAST!!

Jim & Nancy held quite the shindig at their house yesterday.
2 huge turkeys, mashed potatoes, stuffing, strawberry-spinach salad, cornbread, pumpkin pie, cranberry crumble pie... the list goes on!
they got saved 3 years ago on thanksgiving. they wanted to celebrate by having us all over to thier house for a feast!

we got there at 1pm, cornbread and veggies in hand. it wasn't long before the house was swarming with both kids and adults - i think around 40 in total!
it was a good time to talk to people you may not normally have conversation with. to relax with family. to have a bit of community.

the highlight of the afternoon for many: when the pastor got hit where it hurts by his 5-year-old boy, in front everyone, right after giving the prayer for the meal! it was hilarious - except for the bulging-eyed, red-faced result. very soon afterword, you could hear him singing while dancing around.. "i hit daddy in the weiner!!..".
oh, the joys of having a toddler. :)

the day ended nearly 6 hours later with very full bellies and happy hearts.
good times. :)

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Jackie said...

Ouch...something tells me that probably wasn't P. Matthew's highlight (or at least favorite one) of the day.

Sounds like a great day...got to love Thanksgiving (food, family, friends, etc), especially when also celebrating so much more.