it's been a rough sort of week.
first off, i got a flu shot on monday on my lunch. not a big deal, right?
true, unless they shoot you right in the nerve on your shoulder. then, it IS a big deal.
actually, it still hurts. it's kept me from sleeping, and my grades have dropped a bit. it's pretty crazy.

then.. i've been struggling pretty hard with depression again lately. i'm not sure why; it just rears its ugly head every now and then, and i have to do my best to compensate for it. i've gotten pretty good at that in my life; i think depression is a "thorn in my side", as Paul talks about in one of the epistles. thankfully, there's always grace enough when i need it!

then.. the weekend was kind of rough. i won't go into details, but i will say that i am drained and tired and a little heartsick this morning. it's nothing that can't be fixed; it just takes time.

the good part of the weekend was a 6-hour period yesterday.. i'll talk about that in a separate blog. :)

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