i'm trying not to be discouraged.
i told people, even before i went in for the procedure (endoscopy), that i didn't want to put all my hope in that finding an answer. it wasn't a sure thing. and my hope should be elsewhere anyway.
but it's still disappointing, you know?

my nurse was wonderful. i barely felt it when she put in the IV. and the sedation was pretty cool - at least at first. it kind of felt like if you drank a really big glass of wine really fast. i got hot all over and my head started swimming. then i woke up a few hours later! that stuff works FAST! then the hangover - i had to make my mom pull over on the way home so i could use the curbside.. use your imagination for the details. :) i was so sick to my stomach and had such a headache.. i promptly fell asleep for a while longer after getting home!

for now, i still don't have any answers. they saw no sign of a problem. so they're going to run more tests (i vaguely remember something about an ultrasound of my gallbladder - strange).

no answers. just trusting in the One who formed me, who knows what's wrong and has a plan.
and trying not to be discouraged in the meantime!


SpartnPrincess said...

Awww...Sar! :( I'm sad for you. I'll be praying for a diagnosis. That is so frustrating!

Jackie said...

That is a bummer...hopefully will turn out to be something simple (like your gall bladder...what does it do anyways?).

Thinking of you!