it's the little things

yesterday was a great day - a wonderful morning service (as always), meeting Ranae's family, Zio's & Coldstone with Stacie & Betsy & Noah. although the pizza and ice cream served for some bad stomach pain - you would think i would know better by now!
(or maybe i do know better, and it's just not enough to deter me)

it was 5:15pm. i had just showered, and i had yet to do my hair and makeup in time to be at a birthday party by 6. not to mention that we still had to stop and get food for the party - and my stomach was still such a mess!

Matt offered to run to the store while i got ready. good man! :)
he left with a request to get some cheese dip and some sparkling water for me (for my poor tummy)

about ten minutes after he left, i thought how nice it would be to have a honey wheat Einstein bagel (sold only at Target!). i was about ready to call or text Matt to have him pick one up for me, but something stopped me. i felt like i wasn't supposed to. so i prayed a simple prayer: "Lord, if a bagel would help my stomach feel better, would You put it in Matt's mind to buy me one?"
i forgot all about it for about 20 more minutes.
Matt walked in the door, came into the bathroom where i was getting ready, and plopped a honey wheat Einstein bagel on the counter!
i was astonished - but it didn't stop there.
i asked him what possessed him to buy me a bagel - i hadn't even hinted i wanted one.

he said, right as he was walking through the doors of Target, a thought popped into his head.
"i'm going to buy her a bagel!".
the moment that i was saying the prayer, the thought came into his head.

it's the little things that mean so much.
isn't it funny? that He would even care that i wanted a certain bagel.
and He made sure it happened.


I am Stephie, Ninja Warrior. said...

i LOVE this story.

like, maybe your stomach was hurting just so you could have this story. :)

i hope it doesn't hurt anymore, though.

i love you. is it possible for me to see you dec. 22-24ish? i don't know if it's possible for me, but is it possible for you? :)

sarah beth said...

i kind of had the same thought later last night - like the stomach pain happened just so He could prove His love for me in this small, significant way. :)

let me check on those dates. it should work; i just need to double-check.

SpartnPrincess said...

I also heart this story! Even shared it with the roomie. She liked it too. It's the little things. Oh...and I like that meeting mom/family made your blog! It kinda made me feel special. :)