10 things you may not know about my hubby...

(things in blue italics are things added by blog author... )

1. I walked out of school on the first day of kindergarten, because I didn't like it. My teacher didn't know, but luckily (or unluckily) my mom had not left yet, so she took me back.
(story as told by mom: Matt said he wanted to leave b/c "everyone there talks like babies!". evidently, my man was smart from the beginning!)

2. I lost an eggnog chugging contest, although it was very close.

3. I had the choice to run from the cops, but I stood my ground and therefore got out of trouble (no, you don't get the rest of the story.)

4. I've eaten frog cooked in beer, chicken feet and intestine (all in China).

5. I got in a car wreck and was in the hospital for 3 days.

6. I've ridden the length of Costa Rica in a van. (My first major bout of car sickness, and I easily get carsick ever since).
(i can vouch for that)

7. I climbed under a fence to "sneak" into nicaragua.(not long before number 6).

8. I JUST learned how to swim, at 27 years old.
(it's true - just ask his teacher! (me))

9. I went inside the world trade center 2 months before it was destroyed.

10. I have a metal knee-cap from a motorcycle injury I got in Vegas(okay, that one's not true, but you thought it sounded cool too!)

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Jackie said...

I was a witness to #2...it was very close!

Now that Matt's done it, guess that means I need to stop procrastinating and put together my 10 things.