do you ever feel like there's something missing?
something that you're almost aware of, but can never quite reach?
that no matter how many desires are fulfilled, there's still an emptiness, a longing for more?

maybe it has something to do with what Paul was talking about when he talked about seeing now as through a glass... or everything now being a shadow compared to what comes after here.

there's a longing, deep down inside of me and right at the surface, for something more.
for something better, bigger, more beautiful than anything found on earth.
every now and then, glimpses are given me. but never beyond just a glimpse.

i believe it's a longing that He has instilled in me. that He will use to His purposes in my short time on earth.
to feel deeply. to cry over what He cries for. to rejoice in the gifts has has given. husband. family. friends. mountains. waterfalls.

but until i see Him face to face, something will always be missing.

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