i got hit with a little bit of reality this week.
you know how when you're little, you think your parents are going to live forever?
as i've gotten older, i've realized that was right up there with thinking your parents knew the answer to everything, and that life was easier when you grew up. it's just not true. but i've held onto the idea that my parents will always be around; it's just easier to think that way. i can't imagine life without them around.

long story short, i had to take my mom to the emergency room on tuesday. i stopped over after i got off work (my dad was out of town), and found her in pretty bad shape. she was okay; just a little scared, and shaking all over. we're praying hard that it's not parkinson's. please pray with us! it was a scary, and quite stressful, couple of days. my dad left tulsa to come home early, so a bit of the stress lifted when he arrived yesterday afternoon.

but what it comes down to is an issue of mortality. i don't like thinking that my parents are getting older, and reality is, it's more likely that i will outlive them than they me. and naturally, that is the better way... though i would like to believe in my little world that i will never have to go through losing someone so close. so i guess it's not so much an issue of my parents as it is people i love in general - i think it's really hard for us as humans to grasp the idea of death. even when we know as believers that there's a better life waiting for us after life here.

so here i am, on a pretty normal thursday, thinking deep thoughts... don't mind me. :)


Jackie said...

Totally understand where you're coming from (and don't worry about lunch!)...please keep me updated and we will definitely be praying for your mom and family.

Stephie said...

you and yo momma are in my heart and my prayers... i love you goo. :)