new place, new look

it's back, and it's better than ever! i spent way too much time this morning chaning colors and fonts and wording and such. the good news is i got paid for it. i'm at work, and it's quieter than normal, so i took advantage of the situation! now i just have to make sure people can find me at my new address..

i'm done with school for a while, so things have slowed down a lot. i'm still super busy (or course; it is america), but i don't feel as stressed or overwhelmed. it ended up being an excellent semester; i loved my courses, and i made some really great new friends.

it's going to be interesting to see what next year brings. this was a year full of new beginnings, a new way of life, and struggling through a lot of hard things. it was also a year of blessings. new friends. growing closer to old friends. learning what it means to be a wife. finding a family in TN leadership. and so much more.

i'm looking forward to a new year. i can't wait to see where He takes us...

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