thank the Lord, i am DONE!!
i am officially finished with the hardest semester of my undergraduate degree.
i have one summer class that starts on monday. then i have four classes come august.. and compared to this semester, all the classes promise to be easy as pie.
but since i don't like pie, i'll just say as easy as a bowl of ice cream.

we had an amazing talk with Matthew a couple nights ago.
i asked him to pray for my lungs.. i've been having a really hard time breathing for a couple of weeks now. i went to the doctor on wednesday, and she informed me that my lung capacity was way down, and my blood-oxygen level was about 5% lower than it should be. as Matthew prayed, my lungs felt like they were burning. it was really weird, but really cool. i'm breathing better today than i have for a long time.. thank God!! :)
after he prayed, we ended up talking with him for a really long time. it was just what we needed. he knows how to empathize and offer advice that makes sense and is easy to apply.
i can't wait for Waypoint. i'm excited to follow him into a dream.

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