one ending, another beginning

it's official.
no more terra nova.
we had the last meeting last night. i think it started to sink in, but not completely.
it sunk in that we would never be in that room, with that group of people, with Ben leading worship and Matthew at the pulpit.
the deeper reality that hit me.. something i haven't thought about at all really..
no more Trinity.
i was born there.
i guess i always assumed i would die there as well.
it's an amazing church. a church that will be hard to say goodbye to, especially since we'll still be in Omaha. but i know it's for the better. it's for something amazing, something the Lord has put heavy on our hearts.

every joy comes with a little sorrow. i don't mean that as pessimistic as it sounds; it's just part of life in a fallen world i guess.
but when the sorrow is embraced as a part of the Lord's plan, the joy that follows is that much more joyous.

"weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning"

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