making Jesus everything.
remembering how to hope.
not despairing when everything around you tells you it's the only option.
not giving up on the promises and the dreams that you know came from Him.
from Someone who never breaks a promise.
crying when you need to.
letting someone hold you while you cry.
picking up the phone when you need a friend.
admitting that you're not okay.
being honest about what's going on.

all things i'm learning better how to do.
each one of them a process.
at times, i feel like i'm failing in most, if not all.
other times, i feel like i'm progressing.
other times, i just need to let myself cry.
and while i cry, fall into His arms...
daring to hope. daring to dream. daring to remember.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm glad your in my life sarah beth. You make the journey that much more enjoyable :)