on to a little more significant of things....
i know, i know - coffee is important.i wouldn't be as happy of a person without it i suppose - you could call it self-medication.
anyway. that more important thing i mentioned.

i love my new church!
keep in mind though - Trinity really needs our prayers; it sounds like they're going through a really rough time right now.
Matt and i were talking last night - we're glad that we're at Waypoint. and we're glad that our decision to leave Trinity had nothing to do with what's happening right now! we left with the blessing of our elders and pastors - saying, "go, plant a church and be blessed!"

Waypoint: it's simpler. it's more personal. there's community. i know almost everyone's name!
the vision, in very short terms, is stated as "living life up, in, and out".

up - in relationship with the Father in every aspect of life.
in - community with other believers. serving one another. loving each other.
out - reaching out to the community at large. relationship with those who don't know Him. loving them. serving them.

the name itself gets me excited: Waypoint.
(wā'point') n. - A point on a journey or route where a traveler can stop or change course.

it's exciting to be a part of something new. something different.
wait and see what the Lord will do...

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