Your will, not mine.

what does it look like if He's at the center?
would i look different? talk different? spend my time and energy differently?
would i care about the things i care so much about now?
if He were the center, and everything that was not centered around Him were burned away, what would be left? what would survive the fire?
not my grades. not my clothes. not the books i've read or how clean my kitchen is.

i want to make time for the important.
i want the unimportant to take a backseat - a lot of it, for all i care, can jump out onto the street!
but how do you find out what's truly important?

is it spending more time with Him, asking Him what's on His heart?
i think that's the answer.

i'm so physical by nature - it's hard that i can't actually see, or hear, or touch Him.
i hear His voice - i hear it all the time. but it's easy to drown out.

am i a hopeless case? or does He have good purposes for my life?
i know the answer to that question - it's all through His Word.

but will i miss His purposes because i'm distracted? because i'm looking for something more tangible?

i want to bring His Kingdom NOW. not tomorrow. not after i finish school. not after we start a family. not after i feel like my life is making a difference.
i want to live in His purpose today. and everyday. even when it feels like all i accomplish is sitting at a desk, taking and giving money, or doing homework.
He has a purpose in everything.

sometimes, i wish i could see it just a little more clearly...

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