some days...

are there some days you wish you could just go back to bed, get up, and start all over?
to quote a good friend, "this life is hard on the heart".
i'm so glad i have something, or rather Someone, to fall back on.
He is my strenth. my portion. my sustenance.
and He never lets me down.
my rock in times of trouble. "i sing in the shadow of Your wings... "

i'm really sad today. the last day or so has been kind of rough. nothing huge - just little things that make my heart hurt.
but He is bigger. and He's making me more like Him in everything that happens.

all that being said, if you read this today, i could use your prayers.
that i would keep my eyes on Him. that i would always choose the way of love over anything else (ie: selfishness, pride, bitterness).

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I am Stephie, Ninja Warrior. said...

i love what He is doing in your heart, my dear...

"The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise."

these little heartaches and testings... they are producing a tenderness in you that is of so much value. keep pressing in, despite the pressure. it is making diamonds of your heart. :)

can't wait to see you...