what happened to 2007?
it was a good year. lots happening.
something that's very hard for me to believe is happening in just three days: my 2 year anniversary! two years!! that's a long time if you think about it. think of other things you've done for two years - there aren't many. go to school, work a certain job, have the same roommate. two years.
and we still get accused of being newlyweds. people falter when they find out it's been nearly two years - they have to think up something to explain why we still like each other so much! they are always unsuccesful in finding an excuse - they simply have to realize that marriage actually CAN work and be fun!

I graduated college! I'm starting a new job on Monday. I'll be working as a para in a resource room at a middle school. it's not glamorous, and it pays very little, but my heart will be in it. and that is worth taking a paycut in my book! I'll be working full-time, so that'll make up some of the difference. and it will hopefully not be long term anyway - I'm hoping to not be in the workforce for all that much longer! (God-willing).

I bought a parenting book last night. weird.
no, I am NOT pregnant! just wanting to be prepared. :)

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