two side notes

first side note, I really don't hate holidays. really, I don't. I know it may seem like it, especially since I had a pretty skeptical post around Christmas.
I don't hate holidays. I just hate what commercialism has done to them. that's all.

second side note, I have a confession to make.
I just finished putting away our Christmas decorations.
it's the middle of February, people!! seriously.
I think I had a pretty good excuse. if you had seen my calendar the last couple of months, you would have pitied me. but still. at least they're put away in their cozy little storage place now!


Anonymous said...

At least it still feels like Christmas weather outside, so I think you're good...now if the AC was blasting away while you finally put the decorations away, then it might be another story!

If it makes you feel any better, we were the total opposite this year -- didn't get one decoration put out or Christmas cards sent (oh wait, Ryan did build us a Lego "gingerbread house" complete w/ my extra quilt batting as snow). December was not an energetic one for our home this year as that was when my morning sickness peak hit. :)

-Jackie D

matt_k said...

New Holiday Tradition!

Feb. 14 = Zio's AND taking Christmas decorations down! (No, you can't veto this decision.:)