His ways are higher..

he got the job!!
Matt has been interviewing for a promotion within his company for a couple of weeks now. by all (human) accounts, the position should have been given to someone with much more experience, or to someone who's been with the company for longer.
evidently, the Lord had a different idea!
they made him an offer yesterday. he accepted right away.

the Lord's provision in this is so obvious to both of us. while I'm still working, we can save up money for after we have the baby. after I have the baby, I'll be able to quit and be a full-time mom! it'll be a dream I've always hoped would come true. his raise will be enough to make up for me not working, as well as an increase in rent (we need a bigger place if there's going to be a baby Koenig!).

He is so good. and His timing is perfect!


Jackie said...

Know that I already sent over my congrats...but have to say that every time that I check your blog and read this heading, I think "wahoo!"...

Ryan said...

Congratulations Matt!