our little strawberry

that's how big our baby is.  it's crazy to think about - how he or she is so stinkin' small, but is causing me so much trouble! 
I wonder if that's a precursor to the temperment of our baby.  I do believe I'm doomed by a mother's prophecy.
whenever she was frustrated with me (almost always directly related to my bull-headed strong will), my mom would say "I hope you have a little boy someday, just like you!".  because everybody knows that strong-willed little boys are even more difficult to handle than strong-willed little girls.
her vengeance will be complete.  and I'll love every trying second of it!


Angela said...

My little strawberry niece or nephew! I will be your favorite aunt. I will spoil you rotten, with candy and all sorts of things your mom won't let you have. Welcome to the world little one! I can't wait to meet you!

Aunt Angela

I am Stephie, Ninja Warrior. said...

awwww... so you've gone public???

i love you, little strawberry. i will sing you songs and teach you my best ninja tricks.

will it offend you or angela if i call myself "aunt stephie"?

sarah beth said...

yes, indeed, we have gone public. I've been so sick that I haven't been able to hide it. so we figured we would "fess up".

I, for one, would consider it an honor for our baby to have you as "aunt Stephie". I can't think of a better second aunt. :)

oh, and Ang, do you really think you'll be able to get away with all that? ;)

I am Stephie, Ninja Warrior. said...

aunt stephie, it is!

i'm so proud!! :)

Jackie said...

I know he/she is kind of small...but think the "strawberry" or the "bean" is looking a bit more like Matt so far. :) JK

P.S. One of our baby's more fun nicknames is the "Angry Raisin To-Be"...think immediately after birth.

sarah beth said...

J, that's hilarious!!
he/she does have Matt's eyes I think...