when two or more

it's funny to me how we avoid the things that do us the most good.
mending relationships.
being truly open with one another.
looking past a person's actions to who we know they really are.

the thing I avoid the most that truly does the most good?
praying together.
if someone comes to me with a burden, something heavy on their heart, I always have the thought, "we should pray together now!". almost inevitably, however, I give in the my fears and just say "I'll be praying for you." it's an appreciated response, but how sincere is it? really?
how much better would it be to say, "can I pray with / for you, right now?"

I did that today. it was with a safe person, which makes it easier (thanks, sis).
we were talking, and we were both going through (kind of) similar things.
I again had the though that we should pray together right then and there. I ignored it for a good ten minutes. but thankfully, the Holy Spirit won out this time! I got the words out, "can I pray for you right now?". and I did. and she prayed for me. and the Lord was there.
if two or more gather together and ask for anything in His name, He will do it.

what a wonderful gift. we should use it more often. we should pray together.
I'm going to try and make a point of it from now on. I'm always beyond happy with the results!! it's just making myself say the words that's the hard part...

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Angela said...

I loved it too! It meant a lot to me that you asked. A whole lot. I also love the quote from Moshe. Oh, Moshe, if only you were a real person! Silly me. Falling in love with a fictional character...