going home?

only a few more days, and i'll be in montana!!
i'm a bit nervous. i don't quite know what to expect. it's been eight months since my last visit, and so much has changed. i'm afraid of feeling like i don't belong.. i know i'll have a great time with my friends there.. mike and glenda, erin and wells.. but i also know that it will be different. good different, but still different. and although change is good, that doesn't mean it's easy.

last time i visited, it was hard to leave to come back to omaha. there was nothing here that made me excited to come back.
this time is different. not only do i have several friends who i will be excited to see; this time, i will have a certain boy waiting for me. i've never had that before.
so not only will i not dread leaving.. i'll be excited to get back.
hooray! :)

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