that's my man

the plan was to get lots of sleep this weekend.
you see, when i don't get eight hours of sleep a night, i feel it. i can go for two or three nights like that, but then it's necessary for me to play catch-up.
for two weeks now, i've gotten no more than seven hours of sleep. i think i've averaged around 6-6.5. so i thought, i'll just sleep a lot this weekend!!
i am sad to report that it didn't happen....
and now i'm at work, barely able to keep my eyes open.

Matt told me on saturday that there was a concert on sunday night, and would i be interested in going? when told who it was, i realized i didn't have a choice. i had to go!!
so after terra nova, we headed down to sokol, on the complete opposite side of town from trinity, to see one of my favorite bands in concert: stavesacre.
it was well worth the time and money! of course, to my surprise, i didn't have to pay for anything.. the taco bell or the $10 ticket price. my wonderful boyfriend decided i shouldn't have to pay for anything. isn't it grand?
stavesacre came on at 11pm and proceeded to give a fabulous show. halfway through, they played "freefall", my second favorite song, and one that i've never heard them play live (even though i've seen them in concert more times than i remember!!). a little after midnight, they said they had one more song to play. they started playing a rift i didn't recognize, and the disappointment swept in.. "they're not going to play my favorite song!!!" then they hit that oh-so-familiar chord..... and on it came. "with a sigh i greet the day..."

the best part of the concert was how it felt in the room. the band's focus isn't on the music, and it's not on the crowd. it's on their Lord and Savior, and they make it obvious that they give Him credit for their lives and music (they never really say it; it's just that obvious). as we left the concert, i turned to Matt and said "it felt like the Holy Spirit was there rocking right along with us!"

he got me home somewhere between 12 and 1. instead of doing the smart thing and going straight to sleep, we stood and looked at the beautiful full moon and talked until 1:30. then, to impress you all even more, he offered to pick me up in the morning for class so i could sleep an extra 40 minutes. b/c if he dropped me off, i didn't have to hunt for a parking space!! he got up three hours before he needed to so he could take me to school, slightly less tired than i would've otherwise been.
impressed yet?
oh, and when he picked me up after class, he brought me coffee.

that's my man. :)

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