special day

it's his birthday!!
today, i get to celebrate the day he was born. an easy thing to do, because right now, i can't imagine life without him.
i woke up at a little before 7 this morning and headed to my spanish class. from there, i made a stop at matt's house.. he was waiting on the porch for me. i came bearing the first string of gifts: a big, cool coffee mug with a half pound coffee from caffeine dreams inside, a card, and a picture of me. the thing he got most excited about was the picture.... hmmmm.....
he loved it. all of it.
oh, and by the way, he looked really cute this morning!!
on my lunch break, i made a mad dash to 13th st. to the zoo gift shop to get him a stuffed monkey. yes, there is a story there.. but you'll just have to stay curious about that one.
the best thing of all? i'm taking him out to dinner. not just anywhere, mind you.. but to his favorite kind of food.. and a kind that i hate. any guesses yet?
well, in case you haven't figured it out, and seeing that i really didn't give any hints, i don't think any less of you. it's sushi. and you should've seen how excited he got when i told him!
it'll be a good night. it's been a good day! it's fun making someone's day special.
he's an amazing guy. and he's my boyfriend. it's still weird for me to say that.

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