i realize that up to this point, i have yet to use the name of the guy i so frequently refer to. watch for it.. it may come sooner than you think.
he had a bad day yesterday. first of all, he was already not feeling the best about life.... i won't give details on that.. it's not my place to do so. but let's just say he wasn't doing the best. he had a job interview at 10am that went well, but it wasn't what he was expecting (which was a little discouraging). on his way home, he had a not-so-pleasant experience with a police officer. when he called to tell me how the interview went, i could tell by the tone in his voice he wasn't doing so well..... then i got busy and had to let him go.
a while later, i called and asked him to come eat lunch with me. he'd already eaten, but i so badly wanted to do something to possibly help his day.
he picked me up, and on the way to burger king, i reached for his hand.. he thanked me.. and held on tight. all through lunch, he didn't let go.. it's not so easy eating a sandwich with one hand!! at one point, he took my one hand in both of his, closed his eyes, and held my hand close to him. i asked him what he was doing.. his response.. he was just enjoying being with me.


one of these days, it's going to happen.. he's going to make me cry.

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