home theatre

we went to see spiderman 2 last night.
we left a little late for the 10pm showing at village pointe. we walked into the theatre at 10:01pm to find the theatre completely empty!!
and if one person buys a ticket, they have to show the movie.
so there we were, with our very own "home theatre" system.. no one to tell us to be quiet, or to not laugh so loud, or to stop making comments making fun of the movie. it was great fun.
i never realized how tense i got during movies.
the movie really wasn't that intense, but i must admit, there were a few parts that had me on edge. and each time one of those moments came, i about squeezed the life out of his hand. he laughed. i guess i've never noticed how stressed i get because i've never had someone's hand to hold in a theatre before!!

on the way home, i was joking about him speeding through a work zone that i always see speed traps on.. so just to see how slow it would feel, he slowed down to the marked 35mph. not even a mile up the road, there was a speed trap!! that would've been a hefty ticket.. but thanks to yours truly, he was spared. :)
the rest of the way home, he didn't speed at all.. he mentioned it, i asked if it was because he was paranoid.. he said no, he was slowing down so we would have a few extra minutes together.. as lindsay would say, the joys of "young love"...

he dropped me off half past midnight, and we talked for another hour. it's so hard to say goodnight.. i just want him to stay forever!! it really makes me wonder...

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