what i like about you

he's sweet, he's smart, and i think he may be a romantic.
he holds my hand and just looks at it...
he asks me questions and really wants to know the answer.
no on has ever looked at me the way he does.
he looks in my eyes and doesn't say anything.. when i ask him why.. he says he just likes looking at me...
he offers to bring me anything i need when i'm not feeling well.
he calls after not seeing me for twelve hours just to say hello and that he was thinking about me...
he puts up with my dog because he likes me.
everything he tells me about himself, or about his past, just makes me like him more.
he has beautiful eyes.
he doesn't hide things from me.
most of all, before everything else in his life, his time with God is most important. His opinion matters most of all.
i'm a lucky girl. especially when he's holding my hand.

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