seven weeks tomorrow

whew! it's been about a year and a half since i posted here, and i must say: it was quite fun looking back and reading through some of my old posts! it's interesting seeing where i was a year and a half ago.. Matt and i had just started dating!! for an update, let's just say that we've progressed a little. :)
on that note, married life is fabulous!! it has it bumps and sometimes bruises, but i wouldn't trade it for the world. i love waking up beside him. i love how he draws me close at night.. both for warmth, and because we're both very "cuddle-up" type of people! i love how he looks at me when he tells me i'm beautiful, and that he loves me. he makes me coffee every morning, and does most of the cooking and cleaning. he's amazing to me! i can't wait to see where God takes us for the rest of our lives.

okay, so it's my goal to start writing in here again. it shouldn't be too much of an issue; i'm still working at the bank, and business is slow!!! slow really isn't a strong enough word, but i can't think of anything better, so we'll go with it. but all that to say, i can post while here; it'll distract me for at least a few minutes out of the day!
until then, much love, and happy friday!

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