better days

i just love that song by the goo goo dolls.. if you haven't heard it, you have to check it out.
today is one of those better days. yesterday was awful. the words that escaped my mouth by evening were "it was one of the worst five days ever at my job!". there was so much tension (long story as to why.. let's just leave it at tension), and many expletives going through my mind. thankfully, i was very aware of what God was saying as well, so i held my tongue and chose to love instead of murder. and today has been better. it feels lighter in here, and i'm in a much better mood, although extremely tired!

i had lunch today at the greek place down the way with my sister and Jo. we laughed a lot, caught up on life, and just had an all around great time.
tomorrow, we drive to sioux city to meet up with lots of really cool people - people i haven't seen for months, and i can hardly wait! it should be a good time.

i'm tired; therefore, i'm having a hard time finding interesting things to say. hopefully this wasn't too boring.... from now on, this girl needs to get more sleep! though it's hard when you're married to a night person.. ;)

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