iowa for a day

this is a good day!
i didn't drink coffee at all monday, tuesday, or wednesday. i was quite addicted, which showed more true this morning than it had yet. yes, i had the headaches and the groggy feeling all three days, but it subsided to almost nothing yesterday. but then this morning, when i woke up for the fourth morning in a row before dawn, i felt completely awake! the terrible groggy feeling that makes getting out of bed the most painful experience you've ever had (at least it feels that way at the moment) was gone! my brain wasn't craving the caffeine, so i was able to wake up naturally instead of needing a chemical to help me on my way. it was a glorious feeling.

yesterday was a good day as well. i got off work at 1pm and headed up to sioux city. i drove Jo, and met up with Jen and Chris, Jessie, Sarah B., and Dori. it was a good time! i always feel so refreshed after being with those girls. it was a little weird, seeing all of them so close to home (usually it takes 12 hours in the car to get to them!). i wish it could happen more often.
the drive home was hard.. i had such a hard time staying alert! my eyes kept threatening to close. it was nice, though.. i got to catch up a bit with Stephie.. God's been doing a lot of awesome stuff in her life lately, and it was incredibly encouraging to hear about it! i always love to hear what kind of stuff He's teaching people and how those people are changing because of it.

my day is almost over.. a couple more hours, and it's date night! Matt and i have hardly seen each other this week. last night, after getting home late from iowa, he teased me a bit.. after crawling into bed, he put his arm over me, turned me towards him, and said "oh, wow.. i DO have a wife!". but tonight, from the time i get off work until as late as i can make myself stay up, is "us time". i can hardly wait.

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