late again

it's an early post today.
i've been at work about 45 minutes... a bit shorter than it should be! i can never seem to get out the door to get here when i'm supposed to (7:15), no matter what time i get up. the nice thing, though, is that as long as i have the drive-thru signs open by 7:30, i could walk in at 7:29 and no one would care. it's just nice to have a few minutes to open up the branch properly.

a song played just now that i really don't like.. the main chorus line is "so i'll keep you my dirty little secret.." that's the only line i've ever really caught, and it kind of disturbs me. random thought for the day. any others on the song? anyone ever actually listen to the whole thing and know what it's about?

i get off today at 11:15ish, which is nice, but all it really means is that i have to be here most of the day on saturday. my cousins will be here this weekend with their 6 month old, which should be really fun! but my sister goes home soon.. either tomorrow or shortly after. it'll be sad to see her leave.

mom's doing so well! i went with ang last night, and the four of us (with dad) played a hand of skip-bo (if you haven't played it, you must!). she was still tired from all the pain medication and stuff, but she was so much more herself than the days before. i'm so excited to see her a few months post-surgery.. her whole life is going to change because of this!

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