we ordered in italian food for lunch today, which is very, very bad for a hypoglycemic. all white flower and pasta.. i'm already on the downhill slide toward misery (ie: headache, blurry vision, spaciness.. you get the idea). i need to get some protein in my system, and fast! or at least some coffee. it won't help the blood sugar, but it'll definitely send lots of happy chemicals into my body (yes, i am addicted.. i readily admit).

so my sister and i had something interesting happen to us yesterday.
we had walked a mile and half to the park with her dog (a boxer) and my parents' dog (an Italian greyhound). on our way back, about a half mile from home, the biggest black lab you have ever seen came charging at us, smile on its face and tail wagging. this very much upset our dogs, who got very upset and defensive, but Emo (the black lab) would not be deterred; he was going to play, whether they liked it or not. we stuck around the area for a while, but realized no owner was going to come out of the woodworks. Emo followed us all the way home, playing all the way, and barely avoiding getting run over by a schoolbus.
we got home, coaxed him into our backyard, and called the number on his tag. Chris, Emo's dad, returned the message we left within five minutes.. he sounded a bit panicked, and was at our door looking for his dog within two minutes. the dog, with its stupid smile, bounded to its owner who had been scared out of his mind when he realized his baby had escaped.
now here comes the good part.
a few hours later, my sister called me. she said i would never guess what just happened.
Chris had come back, carrying with him a huge bouquet of yellow gerber daisies, a really nice card, and a big bag of dog treats. he said he didn't know what he would ever do if anything happened to his dog.

the next words out of my mouth (to my sister): "did he ask you out??"

it's my job.. i have to be ornery. i'm the little sister. :)
but seriously.. why not? he was cute, mid-twenties, and obviously a dog-lover.. why not? ;)

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Jackie said...

You are an onery one! Great story, at first I thought it might be Sadie bounding towards you (but I guess she isn't really a big black lab).

Miss you!