i'm not a computer wizard, that's for sure. i've been trying for a while now to get links put up on my page.. i think i may have succeeded this time. only time will tell.

one of the links, loggingonforlove, should prove quite entertaining. i'd encourage anyone reading this to check it out.. several girlfriends of mine have signed up on e-harmony to see if anything will come their way.

it's been a good couple of days. i took the day off yesterday to help out with my mom, who was finally able to come on on sunday. i cleaned, ran errands, and did laundry. not something for everyday, but it was a nice change from the boring days at the bank.
speaking of the bank, it's been busy today! it's been a nice change. the day is going so much faster than normal...

so a couple of the blogs i've been reading lately have reflected on Scripture, or songs, or stuff or that sort. i may have to start taking their lead.. i like the idea! :) there may be more later.. for now, i will get back to banking.

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