they say it's a time of restorataion.
by they, i mean the prophets and leaders at our church.
restoration... well, according to dictionary.com, it can mean "the replacing of missing teeth or crowns", but something tells me that's not what the church is talking about. reading a little further, there is another definition: "a returning to a normal or healthy condition" and "the act of restoring or the condtion of being restored", and restore is defined this way: "to make restitution of; give back".

in order to give something back, it had to be taken away in the first place. in order to return to a normal or healthy condtion, logic tells me that it had to be healthy once. so in order to be restored, we have to figure out what used to be.... or going a bit deeper, find out what God's perfect plan is. His form of restoration may not be taking us back to what used to be, but moving us into what He always meant to be. it's an exciting time.

what does it mean for me? i'm not exactly sure, but i have some ideas. i'll be excited to see what God does over the next week, months, and coming year. i believe the prophets at church hear from the Lord, and i trust what they're hearing this time. and i don't think it's coincidence that as restoration was being spoken to the people, i read the part in Jeremiah that is all about the restoring of the land and the people of Israel. wait and see what He will do... good things, things to prosper you, to give you hope. not to destroy you. not to condemn you.


Jackie said...

That is one of my very favorite verses...it is cool how many amazing promises God put in His Word for us.

Miss you Sarah James -- hope to see you tonight!

Jackie said...
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