misery lifted

an update on the job: nothing has changed.. it's still boring, and it's still slow as molasses. but my attitude has changed, and the misery has lifted! i'm not longer appalled at being here.. i'm actually starting to enjoy it again. not the job really, but my co-workers. i've been reconnecting with Becki and Mary mostly, and it's helping immensely. so is another job in the near future? i don't know. i'm still praying and looking. but for now, i'm happy being here.

i found a sheet of journal paper in my bag today with notes on it. they look like they could be sermon notes, but there is no date, and not person to quote. but i wanted to share these with you, because they're good! and they're words to live by.

-God want me to dream big dreams
-big dreams are big because only God can make them happen
-dreams are no respector of persons: a sign of God's Spirit being poured out- young and old will dream
-you are your dreams. the dreams God infuses in your heart is the future you
-if the enemy can still your dreams, he steals the future you
-the people who oppose you the most are those who have stopped dreaming

in other words: dream!! and never stop. :)


Jackie said...

I think I was at that sermon, and it is on the tip of my tongue who it is, but can't quite remember...

Those are great things to read and/or hear again -- thanks for sharing!

Jackie said...

I think it was Kevin Deese!