welcome spring!

i was quite excited as march 20 approached, because it would officially be spring. i was excited for the "april showers bring may flowers" coming true, and green becoming the main color again instead of brown. it's been a bland, dry winter, which makes the thought of green that much more appealing.
what a surprise when i woke up yesterday morning to a foot of snow on the ground, and near-blizzard conditions continuing on until this morning! i'm not sure how long it's supposed to snow, but if it keeps this up much longer, i'll be able to walk out on level ground from my apartment deck (i live on the second floor). it was a chore, but still entertaining, attempting to clear about ten inches of snow off of my car this morning without ruining my work clothes (gotta love the dry clean only tag). i would've called my wonderful husband down, but he had already been so sweet all morning.. i thought, i'm a big girl, i can clean off my own car! :)

all that to say, it is beautiful outside. the nice thing about a blizzard in march is the temperature. it's barely stooped below freezing (and only at night), so things will melt fast, and the bitter cold that make your insides shake (so common to our wonderful state) is absent. it makes it so much easier to enjoy the beauty of the snowfall.

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