more hype?

i have to admit, when i found out he was coming back to omaha, i was little disappointed.
he had come before, and i wasn't impressed.
thankfully, i was proved wrong this time.

he didn't come bringing a bunch of hype. he proved himself to be one of the most humble men i've ever heard speak, and he was continually putting the focus back on the One who gives annointing. "don't look at me! close your eyes. don't wait for me to say something to you; wait on Him!".
the feeling i got was this: there was a door that we as a church, and as individuals, have come to. it was unlocked, but not open. no one knew how to open it, or else they didn't know they could. so he had to come to turn the handle. his place seemed to be to usher us in to where we were already headed anyway. a catalyst, if you will. sent here for such a time as this.

i think a lot of people felt something shift inside. most of us were ready for it because of the preparation over the last several months. i don't think most of us (at least not me) even knew that we were being prepared for something.

i'm excited. something big is about to happen, and i can't wait to be a part of it.
i only hope my pride or my fear don't make me miss it.

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