we had Matt's "boss" over for dinner last night.
he showed up late; although with the best excuse for being late i think i've ever heard.
he had received an emergency call on the church pager - which you can't ignore. the short version: the lady who called was at the end of everything, ready to separate from her husband. she knew the Lord; he didn't. they came in to talk with him, and instead of receiving marital counseling, he ended up giving his life over to the Lord. Amazing!!
the veggies in the stir fry were a little soggy, but who really cares with a story like that??

it was such an enjoyable evening. we ate, talked, laughed, looked at wedding and honeymoon pictures, and laughed some more. after looking at pictures, i thought for sure he'd make his exit, wanting to get home. instead, he sat on the couch, leaned back, hands behind his head, and kept talking. we all loved it. it was good for all our hearts, i think.

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