great minds

Matt has a job this week! praise the Lord!! it's doing the same thing he did at focus legal, which isn't so exciting, but it's only for a couple of weeks. and we could really use the income.. and he could use the distraction. so i think it's a good thing. hopefully something more permanent, and more in the direction of what we want for the future, will come along soon. keep the prayers coming!

i had a wonderful lunch today. my dad picked me up a bit after one, and we headed across the street to an all-you-can-eat mongolian grill. gotta love that. we talked about many things, most of which would drive most people crazy. my dad and i both love talking theology and philosophy.. be forewarned if you ever end up in the same room with the two of us. and yes, it's worse than when Matt and i get going!

we talked about Perelandra, the book i quoted before in "Ransom and the un-man". he's loving it as much as i thought he would.... that book is thicker than most theology books i've read, but with the entertainment of c.s. lewis' talent at writing fiction.

we talked about Jeremiah, Isaiah, and some of the minor prophets.. evidently, we've both been setting up camp in the latter half of the Old Testament lately. though i think i'm taking a break to read John.. but after that, Ezekiel.. bring it on!!
we talked about my grandma, about mom, and work.

i always love talking with my dad. we think alike. or should i say, i think like him.

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