two very different quotes on a dreary morning.
the first, from a little book of short poems called Traveling Light by Brian Andreas:

Early Life
i try & get
a lot of living in
early in the morning
before everyone else
gets up, because
after that, it doesn't
seem so much like
living as it does
putting up with

second is something a little deeper and more meaninful. it's taken off of an article by Ray Mayhew (see "deep thoughts" link) about lamenting. he quotes R.W.L. Moberly: "the experience of anguish and puzzlement in the life of faith is not a sign of deficient faith... but rather is intrinsic to the very nature of faith."

the first, a poem, is the cry of a morning person.
the second, a statement of faith.
i have to say, i relate to both!

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