as of this afternoon, we will have internet at our house!!
most of you have surely heard me whine about not having internet, so you must know how excited i am about this! my co-workers think i'm crazy for being so excited. but i don't care.. i enjoy the simple things in life. like a walk in the park. :)

it's been a long slow day at the bank, but still fun. my co-workers have seemed to be a little less miserable lately, which helps the atmosphere of the place. although one of them needs lots of prayer.. her marriage is starting to unravel. if you think of it, send up a prayer for her and her husband, and their little girl. they're younger than me...

life is good. our every need is provided, even silly little things like 2x4's to fix our bed (two words: tickle wars).
God is good.. and He's been speaking so clearly to both of us lately!
the internship has been going so well.
my job is infinitely better than it was.
i have the most amazing friends of anyone on the planet, i'm sure of it! (you all know who you are).
i'm in love with a man who's crazy about me.
i can't ask for any more. :)

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