deep thoughts early

life is a funny thing.
do you ever wonder why things are the way they are? why boys like girls and vice versa? why the only thing my co-workers (not to mention the people on TV) seem to be able to talk about is sex? why some things seem right and normal, and others don't? why we're so selfish in general? i know i have to fight being selfish every second of everyday. living with someone has taught me a lot about how selfish i am. it's definitely a wake-up call.

i don't know where these thoughts are coming from.. they're just rolling around in my brain this morning. it's too early, and i'm too tired, to be thinking like this!

my mom's back in the hospital. she had minor surgery yesterday, and they were able to do it the "easy", less-intrusive way. thank God. now she needs to go home and stay there.. i don't like her having to keep going to the hospital. her and my dad need lots of prayer; they're going through the wringer right now! they're growing and learning so much from it.. but it's always hard to watch someone you love going through something so difficult. i'm so thankful for my parents. they're not the typical parents that you hear about on tv or from some of your friends.. they're the kind that really truly care, and would lay their lives down in a heartbeat if it meant saving yours.

a happy thought: we're going to montana in just over a month! i can hardly wait. i'm so excited for Matt to see where i lived, and the thousand places i want to take him to. i'm hoping the back room still has the best ribs in the country.. it'll be quite the disappointment if they've gone down the tubes.

okay, enough random thoughts from this end. have wonderful days, wherever you are!

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