mom's day

what a great weekend. i wish more could be as good, and as long!
it was my last saturday for a month that i had off. and i made good use of it.
we got up pretty early for a saturday, went for an hour walk, had some lunch. then i went to my parent's house and planted flowers for at least an hour. i've decided that planting is one of the best forms of therapy out there. it's so comforting (i know my sister would agree!).
we then headed over to iowa for Steve's graduation party. at first, it was us and family, and two other people who we knew. but after a while, the whole crew started to show up. we ended up being there for almost five hours! i was a space cadet the whole time, but still fully enjoyed the evening. we actually tried to leave about four times before we finally succeeded; we were both tired, and wanting to go home, but wanting to stay overruled the tiredness. that's a good sign of a fun night. :)

yesterday was a day with moms, as it should have been! we picked up Grace at 10am and headed down to the botannical gardens. let me just say - i was on overload from the first half block! the flowers and colors were so beautiful that i couldn't take it all in. the best part (and most annoying for Stacie i'm sure) was Noah every half second pointing and say "what that?" so cute. it started to rain, so we headed to three happiness on leavenworth to eat chinese.. and good chinese it was! i'd never been there before.
we dropped his mom off at home and headed to the grocery store to get the goods for dinner. we went to my parents, looked through wedding pictures, hung out, talked, and had dinner. i made fettuccine alreado from scrath, one of my mom's favorites. it turned out to be a huge success - even my grandma ate a generous plateful, and was full of compliments! that's the true test right there.

we then headed to crane and talked for a while (just me and Matt by this time), then headed home for some much-needed time together (we won't be seeing each other again today until probably 10pm or so). i'm happy to say, we watched 13 going on 30, and he fully enjoyed it. you gotta love a guy who can enjoy a good chick flick every once in a while! :)

now on to work.. it's going to be a long few weeks... but i'm not doing this alone. that's what's important.

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