night vs. day

i am tired today!
i seem to have married a man who is a night owl; then there's me - an incurable morning person. i don't feel right unless i'm up by 8am at the very latest. i woke up this morning at 7:20, even though i didn't have to be at work until 10! craziness, i tell you.
and it wouldn't be so bad, except my wonderful husband comes alive at nights. there's no way i'm going to stop him from talking when he's pouring out his heart, because i love that he talks to me about what's going on inside of him. it just so happens that his mind is most active, and he's most able to share, after 11 at night. by 11, my brain feels like mush! my only hope is that i didn't offend him too badly with my half-thought-through responses coming out of that brain of mush.
all that to say, i'm sleepy! but that same wonderful man that i married (almost four months ago!) got up and made me coffee before i left for work. so that softens the ache of sleepiness...

tonight is a long-awaited date night! we usually save tuesday nights for that purpose, but we had his family over instead. we thought we could move it to thursday night, because wednesday if off limits. why? doesn't everyone know? watching Lost with the girls! and it was a new episode! as you can see, it's non-negotiable. ;) but thursday ended up being a gathering for the national day of prayer, which Matt wanted to attend. so tonight, date night has finally come upon us! :) we'll be using a couple of gift certificates we've hoarded since Christmas: one to Kobe steak house, and the other to amc theaters. MI:3, here we come!

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Jackie said...

You are so Ryan! And me more like Matt...I think I put Ryan to sleep almost every night talking in bed. He is pretty good about responding until he completely falls asleep that is -- I'm better than Tylenol PM!