we had a wonderful trip.
for those who don't know, Matt and i decided we need a vacation. so we jumped in the car and headed to Montana for a little over a week! we totaled out at 3201 miles by the end of the trip, and way too much money spent on gas. but it was still cheaper than flying.

it was so great to show him the YWAM base where i used to live, the mountains and lake that i love so much, and for his to meet some people who have meant so much to me. i also got to take him to two of my favorite restaurants: McKenzie River Pizza Co. (i probably spelled that wrong), and the Back Room.. the best bbq ever! we visited Glacier National Park, which has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. we hiked to a lake, then drove to the top of a mountain. it was fabulous!
beyond that, we slept, walked, sat at the dock (my favorite geographical place on the planet), swam, got some sun, talked, and got lots and lots of perspective. it was a much-needed, relaxing, fun trip.

so much happened, but i'll share a couple of things (and maybe some pictures later) that were "highlights". first was not being able to find a hotel after driving for over 14 hours. 2 hours later, and after many adrenaline rushes (it was 1am at this point), we finally found a room in a little place called the Capri Motel in the "ghetto" of Butte, Montana. the old guy at the counter almost talked us to sleep before giving us a key! (although us falling asleep standing up was pretty likely by that time).
another favorite was having breakfast at the Homestead.. the greasy spoon of Lakeside, MT. the best part? ordering orange juice that came in a Bud Light glass. on the other side of the glass? a picture of a donkey, and the words "Homestead Cafe: home of the big ass breakfast". can't beat that. :)
we visited Josh and Bekah in Polson, spent lots of time with Erin and Wells, and bought two really cool metal trash cans (with the flip lids) for really cheap from friends who are moving to Australia.
i also started teaching Matt how to swim.. i got him into the lake! i was so proud.

so as you can see, it was a wonderful trip. we were to re-connect as a couple, re-connect in our relationships with God, and have some much need time to relax and breathe. thank God for road trips!

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